Session Proposal: Google Glass, first person stories, and the liberal arts

The session I want to propose is partly discussion-based with some play involved if there is an opportunity. I taught Google Glass in my Multimedia Storytelling course this past fall, and 10 students got to test the device as well as push the boundaries of journalistic/documentary story forms. The paradigm shift from mobile to wearable technology is dramatic, embodied in the shift from third-person inquiry to first-person experiences. What I’d like to do is show some of the work we did and talk about the impact that perspective-shifting can have on our stories and the liberal arts experience.

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About Jeremy Littau

PhD from University of Missouri in '09 (Mizzou opened the first j-school and it remains the best in the galaxy). I teach classes in multimedia production, social media, and media sociology. My research focuses on these areas as well, with an emphasis on digital culture.