Pinging the Communications Network for Help

Hi everyone (that receives this)–
My overworked brain wants to understand this ad hoc digital community I am in this week preparing for THATCamp. Notably I’d like to know if I should propose a social history session involving the making of interactive maps to describe social networks, enriched with a register of change over time: social network map plus timeline with events that light up sections of the social network map.

And also I would like to find out about ride-sharing from Philly. People driving or who want to drive with me? And chat about DH stuff?



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PhD candidate at Cornell, German Studies and History of Architecture, degree 2014. Extensive teaching in art history and German. Strong interest in mentorship, experiential education, ethnographic field school. Currently adjunct professor, German, Philadelphia Univ.

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  1. Nate Carpenter says:

    Sounds like a fantastic idea for a session!!

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