For those unfamiliar with the area, here are some suggestions for restaurants and places to stay.

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Attractions: Red
Food: Dark Blue
Hotels: Yellow
Coffee: Light Blue

Parking: Parking garages are marked on the map with a blue P. The best place to park is the Zoellners Arts garage. The charge for that lot is $3 per day. This is the most cost effective parking option and your best option for avoiding a costly parking ticket.

Visitor Parking (copied from the Transportation and Parking Department’s web site)

Parking Lots/Spaces

Persons staying overnight and parking on campus are required to purchase a visitor parking permit at a cost of $5.00 per day. Students, faculty and staff are responsible for the violations of their visitors.

Visitors may park at a meter if they are unable to obtain a permit if they arrive when the Parking Services office is closed. SMARTcards are accepted at all meters regardless of the meter color. Additional information about parking meters can be foundĀ here.

Parking Garage

Zoellner Arts Center Parking Garage: Visitors may park in the ZAC garage for $3.00 entry fee during regular operating hours. Permits are not required to park in the Zoellner garage.

Metered visitor parking is also available in the Campus Square Garage (bottom level) and the Alumni Parking Pavilion.


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