Terry Harnett


I am an artist in practice and an academic in methodology. I have a BFA in Photography and Metalwork. I have done two year cert in graphics and Digital media. I recently received my MA for LU in American Studies. I am currently looking for a faculty position.I have just completed my first full length documentary film for which I have done everything - sound track, editing, camera work and now distribution. The film was the first full length documentary film as part of an MA thesis in American Studies at Lehigh University. My film was the basis and I consulted on the creation of a documentary film certificate in the American Studies Program. My film is about punk subculture and self marginalization that is evident in the DIY ethic, it encompasses 30 years of my photography and Punk experience. This film is a result of an academic paper. My research is primarily art and increasingly tech subcultures. My artwork is project driven. I am currently working on a documentary about a John Cage exhibit at LUAG that was an intersection of fine art, performance and chance operations relating art curation to music composition movements. I also am working on a documentary photo project that is an off shoot of my film "Untitled Punk" that is shot traditionally using an analog 120 camera. I am photographing Punk parents with their children. I have recently co-founded an Art Collaborative called Evolve which held our first, one night pop up exhibit this past October in the Farrs' building in Bethlehem.